CMBS Advisory

The Problem

Covid-19 has caused an unprecedented disruption in the commercial real estate industry.

Working with special servicers and the unique characteristics of CMBS structure can be frustrating, opaque and overwhelming.

The Solution

Largo Real Estate Advisors, Inc. has been advising commercial real estate owners and investors since 1989 and has closed over $30 billion in CRE transactions.

Largo’s team has over 150 years of combined experience and has resolved distressed debt situations through the last 4 economic downturns.

As a loan servicer with a portfolio of over $2.8 billion Largo is uniquely qualified to facilitate a beneficial and expedited outcome.

It is critical to have an advisor with specific knowledge and experience navigating the process on your behalf.

Who we are


The Largo CMBS Advisory Group is led by Largo’s General Counsel, Kevin Coscia.

10+ Years of Experience

A true industry insider, Mr. Coscia has over a decade of experience in distressed debt on behalf of CMBS Special Servicer LNR and a NYC based private equity fund.

$2 billion of loan workouts

Kevin Coscia is responsible for $2 billion of loan workouts starting in the peak of the last recession.

Strong relationships

Mr. Coscia has built relationships with the dominant special servicing firms as well as the most subordinate bondholders (controlling class representatives or “CCR”) that also retain approval authority for loan modifications.

CMBS Advisory


Full analysis

Full property, loan and securitization level analysis to determine the most appropriate request for relief.

Direct point of contact

Serve as direct point of contact for all communication with the Special Servicer and CCR.

The best strategy

Formulate the workout strategy that best suits the Client while also adhering to the parameters of the special servicer.

Real-time insight

With a full team of debt and equity placement professionals we can also provide real-time capital markets insight for a potential recapitalization.


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